New Work In Progress

April 17, 2013

Hi Everyone

I’m starting to work on new pieces for upcoming shows. I was lucky to find two beautiful flitches of spalted Maple, both will become coffee tables. The first and larger of the two will be an origami inspired table, I’ll name it Auragama. This table will be for exhibit at The Urban Wood Encounter 2013. The base for this table will be of ebonized Ash.

To get started I designed origami inspired butterflies. These are not just for looks since there is a large split to span. Due to the large split the left and right side are not in plane with each other. To stabilize this flitch I will run a 32″ x 3/4″ diameter steel rod from one side to the other. The rod will pass through the large Rosewood butterfly. The entry point of the rod will be hidden by a section of the flitch that will be folded down. This will be better shown vs trying to describe, photos will come in upcoming posts.

Enjoy the photos below & stay tuned. This table will be a slow build since it’s not needed for exhibit until July.

Take Care










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