Timber – Coffee Table

March 21, 2014

This table has a base made of Andiroba, M&T joinery. Top is Black Walnut that is suspended by aluminum rod. Butterflies are spalted Maple, M&T pins are aluminum.

Available $1250.00











9 Responses to “Timber – Coffee Table”

  1. Bruce said

    This sure looks like live edge. I thought you had decided to move beyond this concept? I am curious what caused you to do another one.

  2. It worked out perfect! I wanted a base that would be equal in foot print at crotch end and butt end of slab vs the wide & narrow I typically build. I also wanted the slab to be free floating & the base easily disassembled if need for shipping.

    Price is $1250.00

    • Bruce said

      Is there a hint as to the next design in your stable?

      Do you have any shows coming up?

    • Bruce said

      I have learned, from years of making disassemblable furniture, that eventually the joints become loose and have to be tightened, if possible,

      I assume the aluminium pins get removed to disassemble the table, right? As the wood around those pins moves through the seasons how does the M-T joint compensate to maintain tightness?

      • The base wood is riftsawn so it’s very stable and the tenon holes are slightly of center acting as a draw bore.

      • Bruce said

        Just happened across your facebook page. I had searched earlier but nothing came up. Sorry I missed the Bohemia show last weekend. And most of my questions about this table are covered there. Off I am to read more.

  3. No tables for awhile, I’m going to focus on cabinets. Also no plans for shows. I’ll pursue galleries instead.

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