A Perfect Pairing

April 1, 2016

Today I had the pleasure of visiting a woodworker friend of mine and taking a look at a beautiful coffee table he has made from a slab of Catalpa we milled a couple years ago. While talking with him I noticed some small pieces Doug Fir on his workbench and a larger board leaning against it. Upon further inspection I noticed this board had nice tight vertical grain. It suddenly came to mind that I’ve been collecting and saving wavy glass from old buildings in my area knowing I would someday use the glass for cabinets. Some sashes are still in my garage and others have been stripped of their glass that is stored safely in the studio.

I haven’t given the glass and the cabinets it will be used in much thought because I hadn’t seen any wood that I felt would pair well with the old glass, until today. This old vertical grain Fir is salvaged from bleachers of a Milwaukee County high school gymnasium. I’m sure the two together will make beautiful showcase cabinets and show some Wisconsin history as well.





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