New Project

April 30, 2012

An Asian inspired cabinet is in the works. This flitch of Black Walnut will be used for the top.


A Window To The Past

April 3, 2012

On our nightly walks Porter and I pass an old building along the railroad tracks. This building has stood the test of time but sad to say some of it needs to be raised due to damage. While passing this building I look at the windows that still retain their original wavy glass and think about how nice it would be to save this glass and incorporate it into showcase & other small cabinets. I have glass from an 1800’s mill that I have set aside for the same use.

Today as luck would have it I saw I couple of people working outside the building. It turned out to be the building owner and his son carrying on with the removal of this section of the building. I asked if they would mind me salvaging a few of the window sashes that still had a few panes of glass left. Happily they said no problem and the son took me into the building. I was able to gather about 10 panes of usable glass, hopefully I can remove them from the sashes without breaking.

As with the panes from the 1800’s mill these too will have a special memory. Each time I look at or through them I will remember seeing them on my walks with Porter. The panes from the 1800’s mill are actually from the windows that where in my old shop: All being window glass from commercial buildings I also think about how many people have looked through them over the 100 plus years.

An interesting thing I learned about the building I salvaged the glass from today is that it was built by prisoners.