Time To Move On

October 16, 2013

As many of you know, most of my work over the years has been live edge. Over the last year or so I’ve had it in the back of my mind to move on to other work and get away from live edge, I’m now ready to move on for many reasons. The main reason is. it’s getting difficult to work on slabs in a small studio especially when you have back issues. Also, live edge pieces seem to be everywhere now days. All the live edge work I’ve seen is beautiful and it’s enjoyable to do but a comment I heard at The Fine Furnishings Show got me thinking. While walking down an isle I overheard a couple talking about a live edge table,there was many at the show. The man’s comment was ” you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all ” I myself don’t believe this is true however it does make me think of how many people do feel this way.

Oh well, time to explore other work, designs and materials. I am curious to how others feel about live edge work. Is it overdone? I still have a couple live edge pieces to complete, just a small shelf and a cabinet but for the most part the Auragami table is my last live edge piece. As far as the back issue and milling goes there is no problem. I have milling help and there is no real need to be gentle with a rough sawn slab compared a slab that is ready for finish and milling is done in the great wide out doors and not a small studio.

Please feel free to comment on my question. Is live edge work over done?

Take Care



More Logs To Mill

October 10, 2013

Some Butternut arrived today.






October 7, 2013

Hi Everyone

The origami inspired coffee table has finally been completed. Here some quick photos I took at the Fine Furnishings Show. Better and more detailed photos will come next month after a session with photographer.